Identity & Access Management Solutions

Identity Life Cycle Delivered On Business Process

Dewpoint helps organizations leverage complex identity, directory, access, role and compliance technologies to align with and enable business units. Process automation reduces the time required to deliver identity services, resulting in a competitive business advantage. 

Dewpoint identity management solutions

We work with customers to:

  • Discover the current state and determine future state
  • Scope solutions based on gap analysis results and expectations
  • Deliver based on documented business requirements and system specifications
  • Sustain with knowledge transfer, regular adjustments and updates to keep the edge

Business Needs Addressed By Identity Management:

Mutual Confidence | Risk Management | Liability Assessment | Governance






-Flat Files


-Single Sign On


-Separation Of

Capabilities Delivered Across All Phases Include:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Delegated Administration
  • Account Recovery
  • Self Service
  • Audit
  • Attestation
  • Event Notification
  • Remediation
  • Reporting
  • Synchronization
  • Workflow

The Dewpoint Difference

Dewpoint's dedicated Identity Management consultants bring real-world experience delivering Identity, Access & GRC solutions. Delivery teams are aligned with your staff to assess strategy, frameworks and standards. Specialists are engaged to deliver phased capabilities, building on each phase to complete the Identity Life Cycle. Projects end with knowledge transfer designed to enable your organization to sustain delivered solutions.

How Do I Start?

The Dewpoint Identity Management partnership begins with a mutual understanding of organizational goals and objectives validated through a Dewpoint-facilitated Discovery session. Following the Discovery session, documentation for the requirements will be provided and next steps can be determined.

The Extra Edge

Dewpoint's team of professionals can provide your company the extra edge with streamlined process, dependable delivery and subject matter experts to meet your service needs, including: solution architecture, business analysis, project management and more. Engagements can be limited to project discovery and scope, or expand as requested, up to full implementation with documentation and training.

Get To The Point

Contact Dewpoint today for more information about how Dewpoint can assist with strategy, frameworks and standards to get you started.  

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