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Thin Client Solutions

Thin Client & Virtual Desktop Solutions from Dewpoint

Put the power of virtualization in your hands

  • Thin Client Deployment Technology
    Manage only a few servers as if they were of hundreds of physical desktop devices
  • Virtual Desktop Expertise
    Consolidate up to 100 desktops and free our landfills from future non-biodegradable techno-waste
  • Remote Application Access
    Connect from anywhere means less commuting and a positive impact on our environment
  • Application Virtualization
    Reduce hardware and licensing costs

Server Virtualization Solutions

Server Virtualization Solutions from Dewpoint

Grow your business, not your datacenter

  • Green Data Center
    Put the focus on high performance, cool-running and power-efficient products
  • Server Consolidation
    Eliminate server sprawl and maximize ROI in the datacenter
  • Disaster Recovery Acceleration
    Quickly restore critical activities with 24/7 solutions
  • Virtual System Implementation
    Take a continuous approach to virtualization with consistent, eco-friendly solutions from a collaborative suite of products and services
  • Solve Your IT Challenges with AMD Virtualization™ Technology.
    Ensure infrastructure is managed and secure, stay within power, cooling and space constraints, and prolong the life of your legacy applications.

Virtual Storage Solutions

Virtual Storage Solutions from Dewpoint

Storage solutions for a shrinking planet

  • Data Deduplication
    Utilize the latest technology to reduce backup costs and simplify data recovery, managing and restoring only the file versions needed.
  • Thin Provisioning Software
    Shrink the exploding costs of data storage by implementing fewer disks initially, then adding more capacity as needed.
  • SAN Virtualization
    Distribute storage resources as needed, integrate storage products from a variety of vendors, and configure selectively for high availability while reducing energy costs and impact on the environment.
  • Data Migration Service
    Complement to any new storage capacity purchase. Delivers your data migration project on-time and on-target, no matter what the platform or location.

Learn more about Sun Microsystems™ virtualization technology here
Learn more about the value of AMD here

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