Testimonials – Dewpoint


  • Working with Dewpoint and the ITaaS engagement has proven to both fiscally benefit the City, but more importantly made us more strategically sustainable.

    -Paul Klimas, IT Director, City of Grand Rapids
  • Dewpoint is more than a supplier, they are an extension of our business and ensure a secure, robust and scalable IT environment to handle our strict needs and growth which OUR customers demand in today’s high-tech business environment.

    -Steve Thiele, President, Bradhart Products, Inc.
  • Dewpoint was like the cavalry riding in to save my company’s long-neglected IT systems, people and processes. Dewpoint has a “tiger team” approach to solving emergency situations and is always ready to help. I replaced one tired, IT manager with limited bandwidth, with Dewpoint’s large expert team of “ready-to-deploy” aces and have not looked back…smartest business decision I’ve made since becoming CEO of Delta Dental of NM. Hire them, before it’s too late.

    -Ed Lopez, CEO, Delta Dental of New Mexico
  • We recently transitioned one of our internal departments into a freestanding, and highly regulated, subsidiary in an effort to expand our capabilities and opportunities for the future. It was a daunting task to manage our ongoing business while also ensuring proper execution of our end-state model. Fortunately, the people at Dewpoint helped us plan and prioritize the necessary tasks involved in the process, providing my team with a clear path to follow and a level of comfort we had not felt prior to our engagement. We knew immediately it wasn’t their first rodeo and have subsequently included Dewpoint in additional projects to help shape our future.

    -James P. Hallan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Retailers Association
  • Before Karen joined our team, projects and organization were two words that didn’t go together. Now thanks to her help, we can show where our resource shortfalls are and better address our customers’ needs with more than a ‘we’ll get to it in six months or so’ answer.

    Frank Barrett, Director of Information Technology, Spartan Motors
  • Dewpoint has been a responsive, reliable partner for many IT projects. They have assisted Stevens Worldwide Van Lines with many strategic IT decisions. Their team’s knowledge base is fantastic.

    Joe Biskner, Executive Vice President, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
  • Dewpoint has exceeded our expectations. They have made our entities more efficient, and delivered cutting-edge services on time and on budget.

    -James P. Hallan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Retailers Association

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