DewGood. Dewpoint Community Outreach


The Philosophy

Dewpoint strives to do the right thing in all endeavors. It looks for opportunities within the communities where its customers and employees work and reside to strengthen education, environment, health and employee charitable activities.

These opportunities to do the right thing are the heart of Dewpoint's DewGood. initiatives.


DewGood.™ Initiatives

  • Good Education
    Technology plays a significant role in education and job training. The DewGood. initiative seeks to utilize Dewpoint's strengths to support and develop learning opportunities at all age levels.

  • Good Environment
    Protecting the earth and its environment is vital to future generations. The DewGood. initiative strives to support eco-friendly products, programs and activities.

  • Good Health
    Good health is the foundation for all quality of life. The DewGood. initiative supports prevention campaigns and activities, in addition to those for people with critical health concerns.

  • Good Employees
    Dewpoint joins with its employees to support organizations and causes where they live and work. Through employee-directed community giving, Dewpoint DewGooders can designate up to $150 annually to the charitable organization of their choice (split up 1 to 2 ways). In addition, employees may volunteer in the community for up to 4 hours of paid time with prior approval.