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Giving Back

“Supporting Our Community”

At the Heart of Dewpoint Core Values is Giving Back to the Community.

As busy as we are, we always find time to give back. We’re all about improving the communities we live and work, either by way of making direct monetary contributions or offering our service. We believe every little deed counts. Dewpoint provides our team with the time they need to make good things happen.

Employee DewGood

We provide our employees $150 to give to a charity of their choice – and 4 hours of paid volunteer service time – on an annual basis.

Community DewGood

We support a wide variety of organizations that include: Ele’s Place, Lansing Promise, Sparrow Foundations, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math program focused on encouraging girls to pursue careers in those fields), Wharton Center 4 Kids, ITEC and many more.

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