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Helping Business Do IT

Assess IT - Ensure IT is an enabler for your business by focusing on
people, processes and technology

Transform IT - Increase IT flexibility and decrease costs through digital transformation

Run IT - Improve uptime and gain efficiencies through applying ITIL based processes, standardized tools
and technical personnel with global experience

Manage IT - Employ industry best practices to provide comprehensive project management and metrics

Assess IT

When and how Dewpoint engages with a client varies. Sometimes the need is for an independent, expert diagnosis of IT or particular IT domain such as cyber security vulnerability. To meet these needs, Dewpoint offers a spectrum of tailored, rapid assessment services under our Assess IT area. Periodic assessments can also provide insight into your current organization and assist in planning for the future to meet both short and long-term IT goals.

Dewpoint employs a proven assessment methodology based on IT industry practices including Project Management Institute’s (PMI) guidelines, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and incorporating real world experience. Our methodology includes performing initial discovery, performing gap analysis through reviewing and gathering data, on-site interviews and job shadowing and providing final assessment recommendations and roadmaps.

Throughout the process, we provide project management oversight with status reports to track progress. We deliver both a “quick hits” report providing recommendations with high impact that can be implemented at minimal cost or targeting critical areas of need (such as security). We provide a final assessment report and presentation to stakeholders to discuss recommendations, priorities and estimated costs to implement including a roadmap.


Transform IT

It’s not a question of “if” trends will drive your business to go digital-it’s a matter of how soon and the consequences of remaining status quo.  Dewpoint experts can assist with your digital transformation journey resulting in an increase in IT flexibility and decrease in costs.  Transform IT in your organization so you can unleash the power of going digital through integrating systems and processes, extending digital “touch points” to suppliers and customers and realizing need for a digital strategy, initiatives, investment and Return on Investment – and obtaining skills needed.

Dewpoint offerings under the Transform IT area are project-oriented IT transformation projects, such as helping organizations move applications to the cloud, automating manual processes, transforming from reactive to proactive cybersecurity, enabling data backup/restore/disaster recovery and implementing data analytics capabilities to make better fact-based decisions. Many of these Transform IT projects are enabled by Dewpoint’s use of partners and partner products, which augment our Dewpoint capabilities and help accelerate proven transformational outcomes.


Run IT

Dewpoint offers a  spectrum of IT professional services and managed services to improve uptime and gain efficiencies through applying ITIL based processes, standardized tools and technical personnel with global experience to help our clients optimally Run IT operations.

We tailor our services to meet unique client’s needs, from staff augmentation to custom dedicated professionals to fully leveraged outsourced managed services delivery models. Our spectrum of Run IT offerings span applications development and support, IT security and infrastructure (end-user compute and data center capabilities).

Manage IT

In the world of Information Technology, it can be scary to go it alone. Many companies struggle to find a balance between transforming and implementing compared to managing and maintaining their IT. In addition, finding, hiring and retaining reliable staff for full-time positions can be a struggle and add costs to already limited budgets, while smaller companies simply don’t have the resources to consistently manage and deliver projects and programs which result in the intended IT and business outcomes . 

That is where Dewpoint program and project management services can help you Manage IT.

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