Dewpoint Gifts $25,000 to Support Lansing Promise Foundation

January 1, 2018

As the leading provider of integrated technology services and solutions in mid-Michigan, Dewpoint pinpoints technology and education as key areas to grow future talent and industry leaders. That is why their DewGood.™ initiative develops learning opportunities at all age levels, including those seeking post-secondary education assistance and career training.

“At Dewpoint, we believe in doing the right thing throughout all our endeavors, not just when it comes to our clientele,” said Ken Theis, president and CEO of Dewpoint. “It is part of our organizational core values to set up our community for success in good health and quality of life, protecting the environment and supporting our local communities through investing in the next generation, thus education is a part of that passion of ours.”

Since 2012, community members and socially-minded investors like Dewpoint have given the hope of stepping into a college classroom or job certification program to hundreds of area students who want to take their aspirations to the next level. State legislation designated Lansing a “promise zone” in 2009, along with 10 other Michigan areas.

“The Lansing Promise is driven by eligible students who see a path toward something greater, as well as area donors who see something great in the next generation of leaders from the capital area,” said Lansing Promise’s Executive Director Justin Sheehan. “Dewpoint believes in the same goal we do: to make sure access is never an obstacle for the youth in our community.”

Dewpoint also supports a variety of charitable groups including Ele’s Place, End Violent Encounters and Volunteers for America. To learn more about Dewpoint’s philosophy on community outreach, visit To learn more about the Lansing Promise program, visit

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