If you have been using VMware VSphere for years, it may be time for a health check to ensure it is functioning as well as it could be to maximize your environments’ performance and redundancy. 

Health Check Benefits:

  • Optimize VMware vSphere and mission-critical system performance
  • Maximize resources through improved efficiencies
  • Provide roadmap considerations for future improvements
  • Mitigate risk by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices

Areas Covered:

  • Compute – ESXi hypervisor and host hardware configuration
  • Datacenter – vCenter, monitoring, and other technology to support operations
  • Licensing – Licensing configuration and other details
  • Network – Virtual and physical network infrastructure settings
  • Security – Security configuration in the environment
  • Storage – Shared storage architecture and configuration
  • Virtual Machine – Virtual workloads, application requirements

Base assessment covers:

  • One (1) data center
  • One (1) VMware vCenter Server™
  • Eight (8) VMware ESXi™ hosts
  • Add-ons are available

The health check is done in three easy steps.

  • Download – Download the vSphere Assessment Tool desktop or OVA component for your selected operating system.
  • Collect –  Add the credentials of the vCenters you would like to run a collection against.
  • Check – Upload the collected results to Dewpoint for analysis and get your custom report in about 1 week.

Learn more about how Dewpoint can coordinate the free VMware Health Check and provide professionals to remediate the results.  Contact us today to get started.

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