Does your Organization have a Cloud Strategy?

March 17, 2021

Regardless, if your organization is thinking about moving to the cloud or already using cloud computing, organizations that create a cloud strategy gain the most from cloud computing. A cloud strategy outlines cloud computing’s role in an organization, not a plan to move everything to the cloud. Creating a “living” cloud strategy document connects business strategy to implementation and migration plans, allowing a more coherent cloud usage approach, optimizing resources and costs.

When developing a cloud strategy, Dewpoint recommends:

  • Make the document a “living” document to provide a concise view of cloud computing’s role in your organization. Review the document (at minimum) on an annual basis to ensure the original reasons for moving to the cloud are still valid.
  • Align the cloud strategy with other organizational strategic plans.
  • Develop an exit plan as part of the strategy document, including the dependencies and choices involved with cloud computing to avoid potential problems moving from the cloud.

Organizations with a cloud strategy are better positioned to achieve target outcomes from cloud computing than those without one. A cloud strategy provides a more coherent cloud usage approach, including the benefits and potential downside of cloud use. Although a cloud strategy should be developed before moving the cloud, it is never too late to develop a cloud strategy.  If your organization requires assistance in developing a cloud strategy or needs an independent review of your current strategy, Dewpoint has the infrastructure and operations consultants to assist.  Contact Dewpoint today to develop a cloud strategy and avoid future issues with cloud computing.

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