Managed Hosting

Dewpoint's Managed Hosting provides you with the ease of mind allowing your business to focus on your core capabilities. Dewpoint handles the installation, administration, management, and support of your hosting server and application environments. This includes operating system updates & patching, network infrastructure & hardware management, virus & spam protection, and monitoring & remediation of incidents.

Reliable Infrastructure

  • SLA Driven
  • Dewpoint 24x7 support
  • Virtualization with VMware
  • Next gen compute and network hardware
  • Onsite / Offsite backups allowing full system restores
  • On-demand flash storage
  • Operating System Performance Monitoring
  • Fully integrated incident management tools and processes

Data Security

  • Top-tier location with complete monitoring and authentication
  • Audit logging for all environmental changes
  • 24x7 Incident Response
  • Secure multi-tenancy configuration
  • Encryption of data in transit between data centers
  • Patching and vulnerability scanning and analysis
  • Shared intrusion prevention devices in the internet-facing zone to monitor inbound traffic
  • DDOS/DOS monitoring and alerting

Cost Effectiveness

  • Move you data center spend to an OpEx model
  • Full access to Dewpoint's leading engineers
  • Have the ability to flex and scale with your businesses needs

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Phone: (517) 316-2860

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Suite 505
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504

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