Three steps to setup an effective Enterprise Portfolio Management Office

January 20, 2021

Setting up an effective Enterprise Portfolio Management Office (PMO) to provide comprehensive and consistent project management practices and reliable, metrics-based status can be done by performing the following three steps:

  1. Obtain buy-in and commitment to a governance structure and model. This includes defining the governance team and responsibilities including processes to define involvement level, accountability, and ownership. The typical governance model should include three levels:
      1. Operational level – accountable for operational execution for delivery of project goals and objectives.
      2. Tactical level – accountable for overall tactical coordination, implementation, and focus.
      3. Strategic level – ultimately accountable for strategic decisions and successful outcome of the project.
    1. Identify dedicated business and technical resources including executive owners and key roles to remove roadblocks and resolve escalated issues and ensure the projects align with the overall organization’s objectives.
    2. Implement common tools and processes to manage high-level milestone schedules and provide consistent reporting including on-demand dashboards.

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