Top 3 Key Features of the Symantec NetBackup (NBU) 7.6 Upgrade

April 7, 2015

With the overwhelming surge of data and information being generated and managed by companies today, the need for a modernized and easy-to-manage data environment has never been so great.

Below are three key features from the latest version of Symantec NetBackup (NBU) 7.6 that will allow your business to overcome the limitations of traditional backup and recovery and adapt to a virtual environment.

1. One platform, one console unifies virtual and physical global data protection

NBU 7.6 allows your organization to manage your virtual and physical data on one platform. A unified global data protection platform will eliminate the need for your business to buy extra hardware, and support your storage needs as your business grows. It also allows your business to enable the virtual machine administrator to see advanced reporting, check the status, and conduct restores without involving the backup administrator or a storage expert.

2. NBU 7.6 offers integrated, scalable global deduplication across virtual and physical data

The latest version of NBU delivers faster, more resource-efficient, and reliable deduplication performance. Its intelligent deduplication reduces storage costs with dedupe rates as high as 98% while optimizing backup performance and resources with flexible “end-to-end” deployment options.

3. Unified global management of snapshots, replicated snapshots, backup, and recovery 

This upgrade will provide your company with global management of snapshots and replicated snapshots from anywhere in your backup environment. The key benefit is that snapshots are managed in the same NBU policy, catalog and schedule interface as tape or any other type of streaming backup. Having NBU be the central location for all of this regardless of the type of snapshot technology used, makes it much easier to control and manage the data protection process.

Symantec NBU 7.6 with V-Ray Technology delivers the performance, automation, and manageability necessary to protect virtualized deployments at scale. If you are interested in learning more about Symantec NBU 7.6, and its other great capabilities, click the button below to request a consultation with Dewpoint. 

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