Dewpoint Employee Follows Passion to DewGood

Dewpoint Employee Follows Passion to DewGood

April 25, 2019

Ellie and Titan Brighten Dewpoint While Helping the Community

Some people love dogs, some people own dogs, but some people take that love a step further. Dewpoint’s very own Eleanor “Ellie” Ohm is one of those people. What started as a childhood endeavor turned into a deeply ingrained passion.  Ellie has taken it upon herself to give back to her community by raising and training guide dogs for Leader Dogs for the Blind (LDB).

Ellie’s family raised a Future Leader Dog (FLD) when she was in high school is now a pet of her parents’ due to failing out of the program. When she was in college Ellie made the decision to raise a leader dog, however, it was not possible with little time or room for a growing puppy.  Once Ellie graduated and started at Dewpoint, she immediately applied for an FLD.

Ellie currently is training a puppy named Titan.  Everything she does to train and raise the puppy is entirely philanthropic – up to and including vet bills, food, toys, etc. For major vet visits, she takes a half day off from work and drives to Rochester Hills, the Leader Dogs for the Blind Headquarters, since on-campus vet visits are free.  LDB is a unique program by providing the dog, housing, and training entirely free to the client. Many visually impaired clients are already on a limited income and this allows them to receive the help and assistance they need, at no cost. The last puppy Ellie raised, Tzar failed training, due to allergies. The reason he couldn’t continue in the program is the cost of treatment would have fallen onto the client. Regardless, Tzar found another loving family.  Although it will take more time and assistance, Ellie plans on hosting a Leader Dog Mom (LDM) and her four litters!

Commands Ellie will be teaching Titan include:

  • Sit, stand, stay, come
  • ‘Down’ for lay down and ‘off’ for getting down from furniture, jumping on people, getting out of the car
  • Touch – putting his nose to the palm of your hand
  • Being handled by a stranger, examined, and groomed as well as putting on a vest for working
  • Going into their crate on command
  • Heel – walking on my left side without pulling
  • Around – going behind me to my mother side
  • Park – going to the bathroom on command
  • Wait – pause before being released with ‘okay’ (ex: elevators)
  • Leave it
  • To stay in heel without pulling while going up and down stairs
  • Controlled greetings (aka not freaking out when near people or meeting new faces)
  • Exposure to lots of different things! Titan is currently working on not barking at mannequins in Target.

Dewpoint is proud of Ellie (and Titan) and everything she is doing for the community!

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