Service Desk / End User Support

The single point of contact for your employees to get assistance and support.

Keep your staff up and running

Reliable support from experts when you need it most

Outsource your service desk and know the comfort of a team of experts is only a click or phone call away. A service desk isn’t enough – onsite end-user support services bring hands-on expertise to your office, so you and your staff can stay engaged with your most valuable work.

Our team of experts, at your service

How Dewpoint Makes Support Personal

At Dewpoint, we believe in “Making IT Personal.” What does that mean for you? It means your success is at the core of every service we provide. From a single point of contact, you’ll gain access to a team of experts committed to keeping you running. Our experienced resources aren’t the typical script-readers you get at call centers – they’re experts with the knowledge to help you in more ways.

  • Expert staff
  • Remote takeover capabilities
  • Onsite, hands-on support
  • Best practice methodologies

Our Services

End-User / Service Desk Solutions

Phone and Portal Access

Our experts are only a phone call or click away when you need it most. Leveraging the industry-standard, ServiceNow.

Remote Takeover Support

When a phone call won’t do, our experts can remotely investigate your incident and get you back to productivity.

Warranty Service

We’ll manage the registrations, claims, and returns for your products.


Onsite installation, moving, adding, or changing of devices at your offices to save your staff valuable time.

Image Management

Optimize your organization’s images and ensure consistent deployment across your organization.

Break/Fix Support

As-needed, onsite, or mail-in services to fix hardware issues as they arise.

Additional Services

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Dewpoint is more than a supplier, they are an extension of our business and ensure a secure, robust and scalable IT environment to handle our strict needs and growth which our customers demand in today’s high-tech business environment.


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