CIS Assessments

Reduce Risk and Increase Protection

Selecting the Right Framework

Safeguards to Strengthen Your Environment

Below is a snapshot of the framework security spectrum to help you determine the set of cybersecurity principles your organization should follow.

Addressing vulnerabilities unique to you

Getting more secure, faster

At Dewpoint, we believe in “Making IT Personal.” What does that mean for you? We know treading through the various cybersecurity standards can be daunting. So we simplified the process. If your organization does not have regulatory or industry-dictated requirements, then an assessment against the Center for Internet Security (CIS) controls framework is right for you. This framework covers three implementation groups (IG) to reflect your organization’s maturity level. IG 1 addresses basic cyber hygiene security practices covering 16 control families with 56 safeguards, IG 2 builds on IG1 and adds two control families (18 in total) and 74 safeguards, and IG3 further builds on IG2, expanding the number of safeguards covered to the total 153.

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professionals
  • Focus on the controls you need
  • Proven, repeatable process
  • Actionable recommendations

Apply a Four Phase Methodology

How we do IT

Due Diligence Phase

We start by talking with you about your goals and objectives to define the IT and business systems assessment scope.

Start-up and Planning Phase

Having an overall Single Point of Contact ensures clear and open communication throughout the assessment. Our SPOC develops a project schedule (in conjunction with you), so you know what we are working on and when we will be done.

Data Gathering and Analysis Phase

One of the most critical parts is understanding your current environment through interviews, facilitated sessions, and reviewing policies and processes. Next, we analyze the evidence provided to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Findings and Recommendations Report Phase

The final step is producing a comprehensive report with the findings and recommendations based on evidence gathered through the independent assessment of your current maturity level aligning to the proper framework. In addition, we will walk you through the report to answer any questions.

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