Organizational Change Management

Proactively managing the people side of change

Helping your people embrace, adopt, and own the change

Your same team just a new way of doing their job

Your business is constantly changing to stay competitive and keep up with the latest technology advances. Change is a disruptor- mitigating this risk as quickly as possible maximizes your business outcomes. Applying a structured change management approach will help your employees move faster through their change journey and improve your bottom line.

Our Approach

Managing Change at an Individual Level

At Dewpoint, we believe in “Making IT Personal.” What does that mean for you? We know that leading successful change across organizations requires new thinking and approaches. Thus, our Certified Prosci® Change Management Professionals use the industry-recognized Prosci® framework with the ADKAR® Model to focus on where change really occurs – at an individual level. Our professionals partner with and coach your leadership and project teams to manage resistance and minimize change-related productivity losses actively.

  • Certified Prosci® Change Management Professionals
  • Apply Prosci ADKAR® Model
  • Build change management competency in your organization
  • Help your company stay competitive

Our Methodology

Apply Prosci’s Change Management Framework and the ADKAR® model so you can maximize ROI and accelerate changes across your organization

Prepare Approach

We start by building a customized change management strategy scaled to your organization and focused on your specific change.

Manage Change

Next, using ADKAR as a foundation, together we create, implement, and adapt plans to drive successful individual change to achieve your business outcomes.

Sustain Outcomes

And finally, we must make sure the company’s culture and the individuals are supported to sustain the change.

We’re Here to Help

We deliver results by applying proactive change management practices to reduce your risk, improve adoption and usage, achieve your business objectives and maximize your return on investment.

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