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Using a project manager to oversee your latest project can be your “magic bullet” to successful delivery. If your projects are consistently running over budget or fail to meet your expectations, our project managers are here to help.

Getting the Most Value out of Your Project

Your Project Management Partner

At Dewpoint, we believe in “Making IT Personal.” What does that mean for you? It means we will lead your team to achieve your project goals within the given constraints. By using project management concepts, we help you set clear goals and objectives, manage risk, strategically align teams, and resolve unforeseen issues. All resulting in project success.

  • In-depth understanding of PMBOK
  • Experienced, certified project managers
  • Adaptive communication skills
  • Knowledge in waterfall, agile or hybrid methods

Our Approach

Meeting Critical Deadlines


We start with your project goals and objectives to develop the project plan covering the PMBOK ten project management knowledge areas (as applicable).


Through monitoring project progress,reporting on status, capturing and escalating issues and risks, results in reducing rework and increasing project success.

Managing Change

Change is inevitable with any project, but how you manage it makes a difference between project sucess and failure. Our PM’s exercise discipline to identify and calculate the impact to the project of implementing the change.

Measuring Success

A project is only successful if it meets your defined goals and objectives. This includes the end product quality, timeliness, budget compliance and overall satisfaction.

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