Data Intelligence

Getting value out of your data

Understanding and using your data

Making better data-based decisions

Data intelligence is about helping you make better business decisions based on your data. By understanding and using your data in an effective and beneficial way, you can optimize output, increase efficiency and be an industry leader. If you’re experiencing a downturn in revenue, data intelligence can help you identify why.

It’s all about knowing what you have

The smart way to manage your data

At Dewpoint, we believe in “Making IT Personal.” What does that mean for you? We can help you better use, analyze, contextualize and understand your data by applying a unique set of processes, tools, and technology – making your data a more powerful, trustworthy, and informative tool throughout your organization—all resulting in allowing you to make better and more informed business decisions.

  • Decades of Knowledge
  • Apply best-of-breed and best of in-class solutions
  • Empowering a data-driven organization
  • Help you extract the right data

Finding the data you need

Data Intelligence Solutions

Power BI

If you’re like most organizations, the amount of data to sift through from spreadsheets, databases, the web, and SharePoint files is overwhelming. Power BI turns chaotic data into an easy-to-read, immersive, interactive experience that leads to insights.

DBA Services

Ensuring your database is always available as needed is just one of our DBA’s services. They also can help with database security, database monitoring, database backup & recovery, database troubleshooting, and planning for future database growth.

Data Conversion

We start by working with you to understand the structure of the file format that you have the data stored in and the format you want to convert to applying our data conversion knowledge for greater flexibility and enabling you to use the data.

Database Assessment

Taking a review of your databases to provide insight and recommendations for optimization and to increase security can prevent problems before they occur.

Data and Information Architecture

Making the most informed business decisions relies on having the right data and information architecture to create a comprehensive, data-driven environment.

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