Incident Response Plan

Step by Step Process

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Taking action against threats

Quicker response; less impact

Are you prepared for a data breach or ransomware attack? In today’s world, it is not a matter of a cybersecurity attack happening but when it will happen. Once an incident occurs, you no longer have time on your side; instead, you must make decisions quickly to minimize the impact. Having a plan gives you a place to start addressing the incident and is critical to your overall cybersecurity approach.

Safeguarding your business

Prepare, Analyze, Respond

At Dewpoint, we believe in “Making IT Personal.” What does that mean for you? Create an incident response plan to provide you with a playbook to follow when an incident occurs. We are here to help you on your journey in developing and testing a comprehensive plan to prepare your team. Your response to an attack can make or break your company.

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Preparing for the inevitable

Incident Response Plan Steps

Define the Terminology

Start with defining the plan's purpose, the cyber response team, and objectives so everyone involved agrees and has the same level of understanding.

Establish Security Impact Levels

You need to consider the severity level of an incident in terms of financial performance and impact on employees and clients. An incident may start at one level but quickly escalate to the next level as more data is collected.

Responding to an Incident

The most critical part of the plan is defining roles and responsibilities. Thinking about when and how various parties should be notified can build confidence or cause panic if not handled correctly.

Post Incident Response

Applying lessons learned after the incident is critical to continue "tweaking" your plan. You should also review your plan regularly as people and processes change. An outdated plan won't help much when an incident occurs.

Tabletop Sessions

Conducting mock training sessions can make sure you are prepared as you think you are. These sessions are invaluable for finding holes in your plan and reducing reaction time.

Incident Plan Assistance

Whether you need help in developing or updating your plan, conducting a mock session to ensure you are prepared, or require assistance if an incident occurs, we have you covered.

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