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of breaches were identified by internal security teams


of mid-sized businesses do not have dedicated cybersecurity experts


of organizations feel their cybersecurity team is understaffed

Being proactive is key across your cybersecurity posture, and vulnerability management is no exception. The quantity and diversity of cyber threats will only continue to grow in the future, and your organization must stay ahead of the curve. 

Partnering with a Vulnerability Management as a Service provider gives your team access to industry-leading tools and experts in the field to identify vulnerabilities and make a plan for remediation.


Vulnerability management as a Service package options from Dewpoint

Holistic Approach

Modern Vulnerability Management

The landscape of vulnerability management is evolving rapidly, influenced by both emerging technologies and shifts in the threat environment. We focus on several key areas to bolster your defenses against increasingly sophisticated threats.

  • Collaborative Threat Intelligence Sharing: Cybersecurity companies and organizations share threat information with our team daily so we can remediate vulnerabilities quickly. 
  • Mobile Security Emphasis: Mobile devices are everywhere in the workplace. It’s essential to secure them, just as it is to secure your desktops. Our team ensures mobile vulnerabilities are discovered and issues remediation advice. 
  • Risk-Based Prioritization: Using advanced tools to organize vulnerabilities by risk level enables more efficient remediation efforts and stronger protection against threats. With expert analysis and reporting, you’ll have confidence in your remediation efforts. 
  • Next Generation: Our toolset utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and assess vulnerabilities across your network and provide predictive analytics.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Vulnerability management is required for compliance with numerous cybersecurity compliance standards. It also helps organizations adhere to data protection laws, saving potential financial and reputational costs. Dewpoint is well-versed in HIPAA, CIS, NIST, CMMC, PCI, and more.
  • Human Factor: Employee training against phishing, social engineering, and other forms of cyber attacks is fundamental to an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Learn more about security training from Dewpoint and KnowBe4 [link this to new page].

Securing the Digital Fort

There are more bad actors than ever before ready to take advantage of deficiencies in your IT systems to wreak havoc. Our experience shows an over 90% decrease in vulnerabilities over the course of a year. Committing to vulnerability detection and remediation strengthens an organization’s position for coverage and meeting the conditions for a payout in the event of a breach.

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Dewpoint is more than a supplier, they are an extension of our business and ensure a secure, robust and scalable IT environment to handle our strict needs and growth which our customers demand in today’s high-tech business environment.



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