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Are your IT services keeping pace with the rapidly changing world?

Costs are rising. Compliance requirements are changing. The pandemic is impacting services and their availability. And hackers continue to threaten business and client data security. All of these factors can overwhelm your business if your IT can’t keep up.

Dewpoint has the services and solutions, delivered by expert consultants, to help. We can perform an IT assessment, implement robotic process automation (RPA), help complete IT projects, and provide “quick-hit” solutions for Agile — and more.

If your infrastructure has become a bottleneck, we also offer private and public cloud solutions, combined with our proven approach to security, to keep your clients’ data confidential.


Do you know how to gain reliability, adaptability, and increase security all at once?

Protecting sensitive data and financial information is critical in this industry. Minimizing the impact of cyberattacks must be a top priority.

Our consultants are equipped with the experience, the certifications and the know-how to effectively manage your IT infrastructure. They’ll apply their expertise and real-world lessons learned to your business, giving you a more secure, reliable, and scalable environment.

And don’t forget: Your employees are a part of your cybersecurity strategy. Dewpoint can train your team on their responsibilities and the importance of following established security policies and procedures. If you don’t have an existing or updated policy, our experts can update or create the policy to meet current standards.


Dewpoint’s Finance & Insurance Case Studies


Large Insurance Provider

The challenge: Dewpoint’s client processes approximately 8,000 background checks every year to verify educational background, license and certifications, and current professional status, including any complaints or legal issues. The previous process required four full-time staff members to manage a multi-step, highly manual process. Staff needed to access seven different websites and collect dozens of screenshots. The solution: We worked with our client to automate the process through RPA. This resulted in an estimated 500% ROI and a 350% improvement in efficiency. By moving to a modern solution that requires minimal human intervention, our client’s staff now can focus their time on higher-value activities.


Michigan Based Mid-sized Credit Union

The challenge: Our client was at a crossroads. They had to make an important decision about their IT architectural direction, including home banking and mobile applications. The credit union turned to Dewpoint to perform a deep-dive assessment. The solution: We developed an architectural roadmap to help our client understand their software development activities, current staff skills, and additional staff needed. We created a detailed report with recommendations on how to improve the current environment, as well as areas ready for innovation. To ease implementation, we broke the roadmap into phases based on priority, resources required, and the credit union’s business objectives. This plan gave the financial institution clear direction on what they needed to meet their IT goals.


Large Western US Insurance Provider

The challenge: Recent staff turnover and a focus on other priorities meant our client’s IT environment was no longer supporting their business. Their equipment was obsolete. Their security practices were inconsistent. And their processes were not formalized. Dewpoint stepped in to help. The solution: Dewpoint now provides IT managed infrastructure services with contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring a secure and reliable environment for the credit union. This helped the credit union comply with security audit requirements. We additionally developed processes and procedures to assist in IT issue resolution. We also realized we had to repair critical applications operating in production to support our client’s business functions. Our application consultants provided counsel and corrective action to resolve this problem.


How Can Dewpoint Help Your Finance of Insurance Organization?


Think about what your business needs from your IT infrastructure. Are you looking to ensure compliance? Shore up your security? Get more value from your IT spend? Update processes and applications? Or do you need end-to-end assistance managing your IT environment? Dewpoint has the resources to support you as a partner. We’ll apply our IT knowledge so you can achieve your goals. We can help you evolve, succeed, and outperform in a highly competitive market. Learn how by contacting us today.

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