Is it Time to Implement a Project Management Office?

July 8, 2021

As businesses emerge from the disruption and impact of Covid-19, it may be the right time to implement a project management office (PMO).  A PMO can help your organization:

  • Improve overall project success rate through regular monitoring and review of key metrics
  • Set common standards among all projects, so every project manager is “on the same page”
  • Increase communication among project teams
  • Ensure the project is meeting your organization’s overall goals and objectives

To efficiently and effectively implement PMO services, program and portfolio management leaders should incorporate a customer-centric framework with the best practices for designing, deploying, marketing, and monitoring PMO services. Answering these four essential questions can help establish an effective PMO and ensure support:

  1. Service design — Who are the PMO’s internal customers, and how can services best support their needs?
  2. Service deployment — What internal capabilities are essential for the PMO to deliver services effectively?
  3. Service adoption — How can the PMO advocate for service adoption?
  4. Service measurement and monitoring — How can the PMO assess service performance, and when/how should it recalibrate service offerings?

By implementing PMO services predicated on the needs of internal customers, the PMO can support any role in today’s digital business with project or product management responsibilities.  The PMO also provides solid business governance by providing your organization’s leadership with the criteria to set the direction and the speed of the business and adapt to changing business needs and circumstances.

Dewpoint is here to help you on your journey in establishing a PMO or reviewing your current PMO to identify recommendations for improvement.  Our consultants have the experience to jump-start your PMO to maximize the use of your organization’s resources.  Contact us now to gain the full value from a PMO.

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