Is Your IT Provider Focused on Your Organization or Making the Sale?

August 17, 2020

Do you view your IT services provider as a Customer-Centric Organization?  Do they regularly interact with you through recurring meetings and surveys to find out how they are performing?  When engaging an IT provider (in addition to reviewing their technical expertise) take a further step and ask about their customer satisfaction process.  Many times, this process is overlooked in vendor selection and is critical to continued satisfaction and ensuring your technology is meeting your organization’s goals and objectives.

A Customer Centric Organization has developed these top 10 habits:

  1. Continuously listening
  2. Consistently following up with customers
  3. Acting proactively to anticipate needs
  4. Building customer empathy into corporate policies and processes
  5. Respecting customer privacy
  6. Sharing technical knowledge with customers
  7. Motivating employees to stay engaged through providing a work/life balance
  8. Acting systematically to improve the customer experience through surveys, regular meetings, and technical advice
  9. Creating accountability for customer experience improvements by internally reviewing customer surveys and comments with employees
  10. Adapting to customer demands and circumstances in real time such as changes required due to Covid-19

Dewpoint is committed to providing a customer centric experience.  We have developed the processes and procedures to evaluate our service and relationship quality and our value to the business.  If you are thinking about changing IT vendors or looking for new solutions, contact us to discuss how we continue to deliver value after the sale.

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