Keeping Pace with Unforeseen Changes in Government

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Are you applying innovation IT solutions to address today’s issues?

Public sector institutions are facing unprecedent challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From learning new ways to provide services to severe impact on budgets the effect of the pandemic and the ability to continue or expand services will have a long-term impact, thus having the right IT solutions is more important than ever. Regardless if you are looking to evaluate your current IT environment, reviewing processes to take advantage of robotic process automation (RPA), need additional assistance with agile or completing projects, Dewpoint has the expert consultants with government and education experience. We also have a full range of infrastructure, application, and security services to ensure you are getting the “best” most cost effective, secure, and innovative solution.


Is your IT ready for shifting priorities?

Decreasing budgets while increasing costs is not a new issue to address, however, the speed of the change from a fairly stable budget to unpredictable budget shortfalls is new. At the beginning of 2020, most state and local government and education clients were tackling core issues such as data and analytics, digital transformation and increasing operational efficiencies. Today, the top issue is dealing with budget shortfalls. As your priorities shift, the IT support, and services you need also shift. At Dewpoint, we understand the changes you are facing due to our long-term relationships with state and local government and education clients and can help ensure your IT meets shifting priorities.


Dewpoint’s Municipalities, Local Government, and and State Case Studies


Large Municipality Client

The municipality was not satisfied with their current model of IT service delivery with support provided on staff augmentation basis supplemented with internal staffing. The municipality issued a competitive RFP to move to fully managed Infrastructure as a Service (ITaaS) solution. Dewpoint was awarded the contract to provide the full range of services including EUC support, Data Center Operations, Enterprise Application, Network and Voice and Cross Functional Support, governed by Service Level Agreements. The result is an increase in services, stability in staff, reduced costs, and a partner to bring innovative solutions to IT problems.


State Government Client

Having repeatable, consistent project management processes and controls is critical to deliver projects on time and within budget meeting the set goals and objectives. The client engaged Dewpoint to provide Project Control Office (PCO) and Project Management (PM) services to ensure consistent and accurate progress reporting on costs and other critical resources consumed by the project. In addition, the PCO and PM staff provide stakeholders with regular status reports including early identification and correction of project level issues. With the criticality of delivering IT projects, the Dewpoint staff ensures the project portfolio remains in tune with changing business objectives and strategy.


State Government Client

The client was seeking assistance to migrate their servers from SAP Data Center to AWS while ensuring cyber-security compliance. Dewpoint consultants architected an updated solution in AWS to allow secure privileged access. This included developing network and solution data flow diagrams and conducting an enterprise architecture review. In order to meet cybersecurity compliance, our experts updated the system security plan, reviewed the current security tools and processes (with recommendations) to ensure alignment to the State’s enterprise standards and quality. Dewpoint continues to provide enterprise information security architecture and leadership to the client.


How Can Dewpoint Help Municipalities, Local Government and State Agencies?


Since Dewpoint’s inception, our focus on Government and Education clients has remained consistent. In 2005, we established a separate service offering for the public sector to address unique client needs. Our experience in this area extends from our CEO to our professionals working day to day as “true” partners to ensure delivery of effective and innovative IT solutions. Contact Dewpoint to learn more about how our IT solutions can help you in today’s ever changing environment.

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