Scale, adapt, and grow are the buzzwords for technology trends in 2022. Following the business disruptions of the pandemic for the past two years, CEOs are keen to return to growth or build on the business momentum they have established. In addition, CEOs are seeking cost-efficient and scalable approaches to reduce capital expenditures and free up cash.

The three themes supporting the strategic IT trends and specific technologies are:

  • Accelerating Growth — finding the IT innovations that will win business and market share. Technologies include Generative AI, Autonomic Systems, Total Experience, and Distributed Enterprise.
  • Sculpting Change— releasing creative new technology solutions to scale the digitalization of your organization. Technologies consist of AI Engineering, Hyperautomation, Decision Intelligence, and Composable Applications
  • Engineering Trust— creating resilient foundations that enable your organization to scale cost-effectively. Technologies include Cloud-Native Platforms, Privacy-Enhancing Computation, Cybersecurity Mesh, and Data Fabric.

These technologies all build on and reinforce one another. If you are unsure which of these technologies would provide the most benefit for your business, an excellent place to start is by evaluating where you are today. Identifying existing gaps in your current technology (including talent) provides the basis for you to reach your technology goals. Learn how Dewpoint consultants can independently review your organization and provide insights, including a technology roadmap to help prioritize changes.

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