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Solutions & Service For Your Business

Custom Solutions

Do you need application solutions to solve today’s problems?

Customer Applications

From reviewing your current application development processes to developing customer applications to promote your business, we offer a full range of application solutions delivered by a deep talent pool of technology experts.

Project To Product


(Identify Gaps)

If you are not getting the value out of your applications or are worried about security, Dewpoint can help. We offer both application assessments for a single or portfolio of applications (focusing on modernization opportunities, health and performance) or an application security assessment (focusing on security vulnerabilities). Either assessment will provide you with actionable recommendations.

Assess (Identify gaps)
Custom Development (Achieve ROI Faster)

Custom Development

(Achieve ROI Faster)

Whether you need short term or long-term assistance for custom development, Dewpoint has the trained developers and processes ready for you. We offer full lifecycle application development of custom Web or Desktop (client/server) applications, using either Agile or Waterfall SDLC methodologies including modernization development in a traditional on-premise environment or in the cloud.

Database Strategies/Optimization

(Ensure the Right Solution)

Do you need assistance in determining the “right” database to achieve optimum performance? With so many options available, we have database experts to assist by working with you to identify your priorities such as speed, availability, cost effectiveness, scalability and security. Dewpoint can also review current databases to proactively address database performance problems through monitoring, diagnosing and optimizing.

Database Strategies/Optimization (Ensure the Right Solution)
Secure Coding Practices/Remediation (Eliminate Vulnerabilities)

Secure Coding Practices/Remediation

(Eliminate Vulnerabilities)

To ensure your applications are secure from vulnerabilities, we can review your current coding practices, identify application vulnerabilities and provide solutions to establish and improve application hardening practices and perform remediation of existing application vulnerabilities.