Are you a Midsized Enterprise Struggling with Vulnerability Management?

February 23, 2021

Vulnerability management for Midsize enterprises is becoming increasingly important due to the rising threat of cybersecurity attacks and regulations (such as PCI, NIST, HIPAA, CMMC).  Vulnerability management requires a comprehensive process to continuously identify, evaluate, classify, remediate, and report on security vulnerabilities.  It requires a combination of trained security resources working closely with IT and application development counterparts and tools to prioritize remediation and mitigation. 

At minimum, your enterprise should have a vulnerability management process including the following components:

  • Identify vulnerabilities that exist across your IT systems. This includes regular scanning of both your external/internal facing network and applications to identify new vulnerabilities.
  • Evaluate vulnerabilities found to exclude false positives and determine the risk to your enterprise
  • Remediate the vulnerabilities found including prioritization based on severity and criticality of the impacted system. In the short term, your enterprise may choose to mitigate the vulnerabilities as a quick solution while gathering the resources to remediate.
  • Regularly report and review the reports to understand the security posture of your enterprise and IT systems.  Consistent reporting is critical to ensure your compliance with regulatory requirements and to decrease vulnerability

Dewpoint in conjunction with our strategic partners Rapid7 and Digital Defense (DDI) provide a full range of vulnerability management services.  Vulnerability management is more than just a tool, you need mature processes to continuously monitor your IT environment for vulnerabilities and reduce your risk profile. Click here to learn more about our security solutions.

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