Become a Pioneer while Implementing Sustainable Technology

November 18, 2022

Keeping Your IT Ahead of the Game

Our previous blog discussed two of the three 2023 strategic trends, optimization, and scalability. Today, we discuss becoming a pioneer by applying innovative technology. Implementing sustainable technology is essential to build an enduring business model that meets the needs of your customers, brand, and society.

How to Become a Pioneer

Exploit new technologies to support unique consumer expectations within social, economic, or technology communities by becoming a pioneer through:

Developing Super Apps

Combine the features of an application, a platform, and an ecosystem in one application. It has its own functionality and provides a platform for third parties to develop and publish their mini-apps on. The super app shares data with the mini-apps, and users can then discover and activate their applications, providing an integrated digital experience inside a single offering.

To start your super apps journey, prioritize people-centric products, processes, and services. Support your developers through executive sponsorship (including funding) and offer them convenient tools such as APIs, design guidelines, software development kits, and frameworks.

Embracing Adaptive AI

Adaptive AI systems use real-time feedback to continuously retrain models and learn within runtime and development environments based on new data and adjusted goals. That enables them to respond rapidly to environmental changes, dynamically build up further training data, and personalize their results. Adaptive AI can react quickly to changes in real-world circumstances that were not foreseen during initial design, protecting AI value in production.

You can embrace adaptive AI today with your ongoing AI initiatives by establishing AI engineering practices to streamline the data, models, and implementation pipelines to standardize AI delivery processes.

Building Sustainable Technology in Everything You Do  

Developing innovative solutions designed to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a must to meet sustainability goals. Per Gartner, “By 2025, 50% of CIOs will have performance metrics tied to the sustainability of the IT organization.”  For some enterprises, sustainability may be about protecting the environment. For others, it may be about sustaining people – inside or outside the organization. Or, it may be about safeguarding the core of the business itself. Regardless of your definition, failing to meet ESG goals can put you at risk of losing customers, employees, and investors.

To enhance sustainability, you need to develop a new sustainable technology framework that includes the following:

  • Making IT more sustainable
  • Using IT to help the enterprise become more sustainable
  • Using IT to help customers become more sustainable

Developing a Roadmap to Support 2023 and Beyond

Analysts predict ongoing supply chain issues and skills shortages will continue to pose challenges to your business. In addition, companies are facing growing recession and inflation concerns while striving to preserve their operating margin. It is critical to update your IT roadmap to address these issues and prepare for the future. We offer an independent review of your current roadmap and discuss steps to meet the current and future challenges while enhancing sustainability.

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