Benefits of Utilizing Short-Term IT Professionals

March 15, 2023

Having Trouble Finding the “Right” Person for the Job?

“The Great Resignation” caused a major shakeup in the American workforce. A 2022 Pew Research study found that nearly one in five non-retired adults willingly left their job in 2021. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the tech industry. As DevSkiller sites, the tech industry faced the highest staff turnover rate of 13.2%. Employers of all sizes have experienced turnover. Techtarget cites a 2021 PagerDuty report that 39% of respondents saw increased technical team turnover.

Despite the widespread turnover, companies must deliver on their commitments. However, local talent pools can be limited, and filling roles can be costly and time-consuming. According to Workable, a leading software provider in recruiting, it takes an average of 30 days to hire a new employee in the IT field. Against these challenges hiring additional professionals temporarily (IT Professionals as a Service) allows you to fill roles and required skills in your workforce.

Three Benefits of IT Professionals as a Service


Maybe you need to add a specific skill to your professional roster or more hands to help deliver a critical project. Engaging short-term IT Professionals allows you to scale up your workforce rapidly. By working with an IT Professionals as a Service provider, you can quickly add experienced, knowledgeable professionals to your team without sacrificing quality. When you’re done, you can downsize on the completion of a deliverable or after a predetermined amount of time. You gain operational efficiencies by adding the skills you need when you need them without the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring cycle.


IT Professionals as a Service is perfect If you need a specific skill but don’t require a full-time employee or your technical needs vary seasonally or by the project. IT providers typically employ a team of professionals with a wide variety of skills. As your needs change, you can pivot and add professionals with the necessary skills and experience. For example, you may need 40 hours for an employee this week but only 16 for the following week. IT Professionals as a Service provides you with that flexibility. Hiring and retaining talented employees under the same conditions would be difficult.  


An outsider’s perspective can bring new life to a project or team. By bringing in an experienced outsider, you’re gaining not only their skills but their expert opinion as well. Their fresh, outside-the-box ideas may inspire the change you need to deliver the next big project. Also, due to the short-term nature of their engagement, outside staff members are less likely to engage in office politics or play favorites due to personal history.

How Can Dewpoint Help?

At Dewpoint, we believe in “Making IT Personal,” which directly applies to our IT Professionals as a Service. We start by identifying your goals and culture, then match the “right” expert for you. Even after placement, our leadership maintains close communication and support to ensure they and you have the support needed to succeed.

Whether you need to move rapidly on a project, want subject matter expert guidance, or need a full-time employee, we have a solution that fits you. Chat with our experts today to see how Dewpoint professionals can help you achieve your goals.

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