Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

We will work with you to foresee potential financial or budgetary impacts on your business and its operations, which is critical to maintaining core functions. The data we collect helps you proactively create recovery strategies and create the BCP while understanding the financial and staffing impact, so you are ready if disaster strikes.

Risk Assessment

Our expert risk analysis team prepares a risk assessment questionnaire to assist you in prioritizing potential business disruptions based on severity, likelihood, and impact of the threat on your business. The risk assessment becomes part of the BCP tailor-made for your needs.


Through our numerous chats and analysis of your business, the final comprehensive BCP focuses on maintaining, resuming, and recovering your operations should a disruption occur. It includes critical communication paths, training, recommended testing, and plan update cycles to ensure the plan remains current.

Act Now to Avoid Disaster Later

BCP has become a popular topic with our customers. Our acclaimed BCP services will assist you, regardless of your company’s size, needs, or preparedness. Schedule a chat to learn more about how we can help you.

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