Can Your Business Survive a Data Breach?

December 9, 2020

Many small and midsized businesses (SMB) think they are immune from data breaches since hackers only target large businesses.  The truth is hackers do not discriminate.  All size businesses are at risk, but smaller companies often face greater challenges recovering from breaches, both financially and in terms of customer loyalty. 

The best method to remediate and recover from a data breach is to proactively develop a comprehensive and practical incident response plan. Not using a documented incident response plan during a data breach increases remediation and recovery time, as well as the risk to business. Critical notification timelines and legal reporting windows may be impacted. Making ad hoc decisions during an active event increases the risk of missed activities (for example, mandatory notification timelines or loss of forensic evidence), which in turn can introduce additional risk.

Creating a comprehensive plan should start by assessing your current cybersecurity controls to identify gaps in the plan and employee awareness. Dewpoint cybersecurity experts can help both assess your current environment and help you implement controls to mitigate business impact if a breach does occur

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