Choosing the Right Backup Storage for your Enterprise

May 26, 2015

While backup storage of your enterprise’s data is not a sexy topic, it should certainly rise to the top of any conversation you have when determining the best ways to backup and store your company’s data. As I’ve blogged before, more and more companies are turning to the cloud for their Backup Appliances for Disaster Recovery needs. An essential component of any data protection strategy to protect your organization’s critical data in a disaster has to include backup and recovery.

Backing up your organization’s critical data ensures that your business can be up and running quickly, no matter what. An enterprise wide, virtual backup storage system should be powerful and flexible, so it can protect your entire infrastructure no matter if it’s built on a virtual platform or physical backbone, or has parts of both.

Any system to store massive amounts of data should include data deduplication and centralized management software to make sure data stored on desktops, laptops, and virtual machines remains unified and accessible. In an earlier blog, Embracing Data Security Standards, I went into detail about deduplication and data storage, and backup standards you should consider.

If all currently only save data onsite, you’re putting it at risk in a disaster. If all of your data is lost, it could be lost permanently. When you factor in how much it will cost to try and recreate all of that data from scratch, it becomes clear that a comprehensive backup storage plan is a good insurance policy for your enterprise. The beauty here is that your IT department will be able to restore exactly what you need, when you need it. Quickly.

You don’t have to pick just one vehicle over another. Your backup storage can be a bundled solution that protects both physical and virtual environments. The proper system should be able to protect all computers that are part of your system, as well as all of your applications and databases. You system should also have enough features in place, so it will remain viable over many years.

All of these steps can dramatically cut the time and money it will take to recover your data after a disaster.

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