Comprehensive Cyber Insurance Readiness Assessment

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In today’s digital age, cyber attacks and data breaches are becoming increasingly common. Bad actors are after your data and want to disrupt your business, whether through phishing attacks, malware attacks, or distributed denial of service (DDoS). It’s imperative to take proactive measures with cyber insurance to protect your organization and customers from the financial and reputational damage that can arise from a cyber incident.


Average cost of a data breach in millions


Files with no protection in any way

Ransomware attacks each year in millions

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Mitigate Your Risk

Discover Your Distinct Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity threats and risks are continually on the rise, and because of this, cyber insurance premiums are, too. At Dewpoint, we want to identify solutions to minimize your premiums while increasing your cybersecurity posture through a Cyber Insurance Readiness Assessment. It’s a win, win for you: Stronger cybersecurity and minimal costs.

An Assessment will:

  • Identify weaknesses against industry standards
  • Offer fixes, such as a cybersecurity training plan to ensure employees can identify risk and act appropriately to mitigate that risk
  • Help you to keep up with the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape

But you’re not in this alone, Dewpoint can help you make the recommended quick fixes and long-term changes to mitigate your risk of a security breach. Read more about how Dewpoint helped mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack.

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