Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Fostering an Inclusive Environment


Our focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion supports our mission and values by creating an environment that recognizes, recruits, retains and promotes diverse talent.


Our commitment is to treat all people with dignity. Through our policies, hiring practices, and training, we are committed to ensuring an inclusive environment where all employees are respected and valued, treated equitably, and free from discrimination in all its forms.

Dewpoint’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts


Since 2019, we have had mandatory training for Employees and our Leadership Team focusing on:

  • Key concepts related to D, E, & I
  • Identities and perspectives
  • Unconscious bias
  • Microaggressions and forms of exclusion
  • What employees can do

Policies and Procedures

DEI is top of mind in creating our policies and procedures to ensure we hire, retain, develop, and create a diverse and inclusive staff while remaining equitable across all levels.

Top-Down Support

Our DEI efforts are supported at all levels within Dewpoint but begin with the commitment of awareness and action from our Executive, Strategic, and Leadership Teams.

Continuous Improvement

Our DEI Committee actively recruits members representing all aspects of diversity and values of inclusion and equity to ensure the growth and support of a DEI program.

Maintain and Embrace a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Environment

Our commitment to creating this environment goes farther than just these words on our website. It is at the core of our business in the way we celebrate our differences, embrace changes as they come, and create a welcoming work environment for all.

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