Dewpoint and Cloudian Partnership

July 17, 2020

Delivering cost-effective, petabyte-scalable storage at 70% less TCO than conventional storage.

Dewpoint is partnering with Cloudian to offer storage solutions with limitless capacity and ultimate simplicity in your data center. Cloudian enterprise storage simplifies management with cloud-like features and modular scalability.

Cloudian solutions include enterprise NAS features for files and 100% native S3 API for objects.

For files, features include WORM, snapshots, and high availability. For objects, get the industry’s most compatible S3 API. All in one infinitely scalable system so you can start small and grow as needed from a few nodes to a few hundred without disruption. Performance scales linearly, too.

Get everything you love about cloud storage right in your data center. Deploy as on-premise storage or configure a hybrid cloud and tier data to the public cloud. Dewpoint partners with and has experience integrating Cloudian with many of their technology alliance partners such as Rubrik, Pure and Veeam.  Contact Dewpoint today to find out how you can achieve a 70% savings from conventional storage.

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