Dewpoint, Governor’s Office Sit Down to Move Michigan Forward

January 21, 2018

 Dewpoint hosted Beth Emmitt, deputy chief of staff to Gov. Rick Snyder, on Jan. 9 at the firm’s capital area headquarters. The occasion provided an opportunity to communicate between Dewpoint’s growth objectives and items on Snyder’s agenda during his final year of governorship: technology, education and closing the talent gap.

Emmitt was appointed to her current position in 2016 under Chief of Staff Dick Posthumus; she moves the governor’s agenda forward as an advisor and strategist.“Governor Snyder is intent on Michigan leading the way in developing talent for current and future industries,” Emmitt said. “He is leading discussions on supply and demand, and his team is speaking with employers like Dewpoint to understand where the talent gaps exist. You’ll hear a lot about his new initiatives for increasing talent in Michigan in the coming months.”

Several key leaders sat down with Emmitt to shed light on Dewpoint’s services and mission, and gave a tour of its facilities: Rob Kondoff, senior vice president; Michelle Massey, vice president; and Joe Findlater, vice president of Sales. Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Kristin Beltzer, from the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce was also present.

The meeting gave Dewpoint and the governor’s office a place to interact on how IT enterprises can unpack millennial talent, invest in educational opportunities and continue to put Michigan ahead with core competencies — especially through small businesses.

“If you’re going to see a doctor, you want more than someone pitching to you … you want a dialogue, a diagnostic,” said Kondoff. “Our job is to help our clients succeed, and it’s our people who differentiate us.”

About Dewpoint – People Who Deliver

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