Dewpoint Settles in as Major Tenant in Knapp’s Centre

August 21, 2014

As a leading provider of technology solutions, Dewpoint knows the value of staying connected with clients and employees. And that, company leadership says, is what’s behind the IT company’s move to the Knapp’s Centre on Lansing’s Washington Square.

“That and it’s simply a beautiful building,” says Dewpoint CEO Andy Kotarba. “It’s a first-class building that will be a real focal point for Lansing’s downtown.”
Founded in 1996, the Lansing-based Dewpoint has been headquartered on the southside of town since 2003, with offices in Detroit and Indianapolis. While the company collaborates with enterprise clients across numerous industries in the Midwest, New Mexico and California, many customers are close to Lansing’s downtown.
About 120 of Dewpoint’s 150 employees work as “embedded employees” at client sites. Of those off-site workers, close to 80 percent collaborate with businesses, services or government offices near the Capitol. Relocating downtown, Kotarba says, provides a central place—one that’s “smack-dab in the middle of our client base”—where employees can drop-in every day.
“We want to make sure our team stays connected, and that they understand what’s going on in our company,” says Kotarba. “Our company’s culture is really important to us.”
Originally, Kotarba says Dewpoint was looking to establish a small spot downtown for off-site staff to meet with clients. But plans quickly changed as leadership saw the renovations underway at the iconic Knapp’s Centre.
Dewpoint will be the first major tenant for the downtown landmark. The 10,000-square-foot space on the second floor will consist of floor-to-ceiling modular offices, shared work spaces, conference rooms, a large social space and kitchen, and lots of areas for employees to collaborate.
About 30 staff moved into Dewpoint’s new headquarters the first week of September, with others enjoying the flexible, open environment on a “pop-in” basis. The space, too, will provide ample room for the company’s ongoing growth.
“We will be increasing our involvement downtown as a new resident there,” says Kotarba. “We’ll be doing more with the downtown development group and with downtown activities. It will be great to take advantage of being in the heart of Lansing.”
Source: Andy Kotarba, CEO, Dewpoint
Writer: Ann Kammerer, Development News Editor, Capital Gains Media