Featured Speakers at Michigan InfraGard Virtual Quarterly Meeting

August 4, 2020

Dewpoint is pleased to announce two key speakers, Don Cornish, CISO and Paul Doyle, Sales Executive at the Michigan InfraGard Quarterly Meeting on August 13th.  They will be discussing “The Michigan Insurance Data Security Law and the NAIC Model Law – Background, Specifics and Overall Significance”.  Both Don and Paul have extensive security backgrounds working in a wide variety of industries. 

Michigan InfraGard is a public-private partnership with the FBI dedicated to the protection of the United States and the American people and in particular critical infrastructures and key resources. Other topics at the quarterly conference include Data Security Best Practices for Remote Workers and  Mac Forensics – Red Pill or Blue Pill?.  If you are interested in attending the conference, click here to register. To learn more about how our Dewpoint experts can make technology work for you, contact us today.