How to Improve Your Storage Solution

March 24, 2021

If your organization struggles with increased storage costs, predictability of storage costs, or investment protection, Pure Evergreen Storage may be the solution. The program is a self-funded subscription that improves with age.  Your organization buys storage once and modernizes it as needed, without any disruption in your current environment.

Dewpoint put together and executed a solution for a large healthcare client, replacing their three-year-old plus Pure Storage arrays on “legacy” controllers and slow 6Gbs SAS drives to all new controllers and NVMe drives.  This resulted in:

  • Reduce rack space
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Predictable (flat) maintenance charges
  • Lower cost of future capacity upgrades
  • No downtime or disruption to the environment

The ultimate measure of the new solution is client satisfaction to future-proof their investment.  They are extremely satisfied with Dewpoint’s technical solution and thought leadership in conjunction with Pure Storage to improve performance and capacity.  To learn more about how Dewpoint can help your organization realize the same benefits, contact us today.

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