Case Study | 2022

International Biotechnology Company Modernizes with Agile and App Development

Agile Transformation and Application Development


An international Biotechnology company that offers a broad portfolio of solutions.


The client is on a multi-year journey to modernize their technology products to lead the industry with their solutions. They partnered with Dewpoint to help transform their traditional application development processes into an Agile-based approach and to supplement their team with experienced application developers.


Dewpoint assembled a team of experienced application developers and a certified Agile Scrum Master. In partnership with the client, this team implemented the key principles of a scrum-based methodology and developed new software products and systems to support business needs.


Comprehensive Strategic Plan
• Better visibility to view and prioritize the work to be completed
• Flexible resource model to align resources to product releases of highest priority
• Improved products through technology consulting
• Frequent feature releases introduced features to customers consistently
• Partnership with hardware/firmware vendors improved collaboration and speed to market
• Introduced automated testing practices resulting in quicker discovery of defects with less rework

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