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Don’t let outdated IT infrastructure hold your business back. With an IT Infrastructure Assessment from Dewpoint, we identify cost-effective measures for storage, access, speed, and increasing security, while helping you plan the next steps in your infrastructure to know where you are today and the changes required to prepare for tomorrow.


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Dewpoint takes your access and speed seriously, and with an IT Infrastructure Assessment, we can help you find ways to improve your infrastructure while reducing costs and bottlenecks. Whether you require a complete assessment, including network, security, service desk, governance, and IT staffing, or targeted to a specific area, we customize it to fit your needs and budget.

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Why you need an  IT infrastructure assessment:

  • Improve IT efficiency: We can help you streamline your processes, reduce downtime and increase productivity, by identifying limitations. Analyzing your current infrastructure ensures that your applications, data, and network are serving your needs.
  • IT Cost savings: By identifying areas for optimization and consolidation, we help our clients reduce their IT spending without sacrificing speed and security. Through reviewing your existing infrastructure, Dewpoint can help determine which options will support your business effectively within your budget.
  • IT Security: You can’t protect your IT infrastructure without knowing your potential IT Infrastructure security risks and vulnerability. Our assessments help clients proactively protect data and systems from cyber threats.
  • IT Scalability:  Pinpointing areas where your IT infrastructure may need to be upgraded or expanded to meet your organization’s growing needs. Dewpoint’s experience with hybrid-cloud solutions enables you to maximize your environments.

Contact us today to schedule an IT infrastructure assessment and start optimizing your IT environment for improved efficiency, cost savings, and security.

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Since conducting an initial IT assessment, Dewpoint became a strategic partner of ours. Dewpoint supports us in application development, infrastructure, agile, and security, helping us achieve our business objectives by utilizing technology.


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