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The Average Cost of IT Downtime to a Business is $336,000 Per Hour

IT can be an overwhelming, high-risk point for any business or organization. Work with a team that has your success at heart, with predictable monthly costs that deliver the availability and performance you expect, while saving you the headache of managing the inner workings of your organization’s technology.

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Limiting your risk and protecting your data is imperative, the question is how can you proceed with the least friction and get the best outcome. Dewpoint will review your current security posture, while ensuring every option is explored and no stone is left unturned.


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We believe in “Making IT Personal.” What does that mean for you? It means your success is at the core of every service we provide. Your staff is too busy to deal with the constant device failures, service tickets, and menial tasks that come with supporting IT infrastructure. You need a partner that will provide the full suite of IT services while supporting your ongoing efforts – so you can focus on your next big project.

Securing the Digital Fort

There are more bad actors than ever before ready to take advantage of deficiencies in your IT systems to wreak havoc. Our experience shows an over 90% decrease in vulnerabilities over the course of a year. Committing to vulnerability detection and remediation strengthens an organization’s position for coverage and meeting the conditions for a payout in the event of a breach.

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The City of Lansing made the decision to work with Dewpoint back in 2010. Since then, our partnership has grown. We have Dewpoint team members embedded in our department to provide infrastructure support, project management, and client services. They are key members of our IT team. The Dewpoint staff has the expertise that would be difficult to replicate, and the entire Dewpoint organization backstops them.

Christopher Mumby

Chief Information Officer - Lansing, MI

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Chat with Silas about your IT setup and needs.

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