Case Study | 2023

MERS Modernizes Database with Custom Cloud Application

Application Development and Agile Scrum Methodology


The Municipal Employees’ Retirement System of Michigan (MERS) is an independent, professional retirement services
company. MERS administers the retirement plans for Michigan’s local units of government on a not-for-profit basis
serving firefighters, nurses, infrastructure workers, and more.


The customer wanted to replace a paper-based process for updating contact information with a hosted online system to
enable data to sync across their other on-premises applications.


Dewpoint spent time with the customer’s stakeholders to understand their business needs and discuss solution
architecture. Based on client input and goals, a cloud-hosted application replaced the paper-based process for updating
customer contact information. The application integrated with Microsoft Dynamics via the Azure Service Bus. Dewpoint
built the solution using C# .NET 5.0 App communicating over Azure Service Bus with Microsoft Dynamics. Furthermore,
we worked with MERS to implement the project using the Agile Scrum methodology.


The client saw a quick turnaround using the Agile Scrum methodology and docker containers, resulting in an application
that was usable in the cloud or on-premises. The ease of using the application instead of the paper process encouraged
the client’s customers to keep their information up to date.

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