National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week 3: Securing Internet Connected Devices in Healthcare

October 23, 2020

The third week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month delves into the healthcare industry and their consumer (telemedicine patients), exploring the implications of internet-connected device use, and what steps both can take do their part.

The healthcare industry is increasingly reliant upon internet-connected devices and solutions to improve patient care, organizational efficiency, speed of crisis response, and much more. The emergence of telemedicine, digital health records, internet-connected medical devices, patient wellness apps, and an increasing amount of third parties entering the health supply chain has created many benefits, but has also exposed the industry to vulnerabilities that cyber criminals regularly attempt to exploit.  

While it is necessary to ensure that all devices all secure, this is especially true of smart medical devices as cybersecurity gaps in these devices can be a matter of life and death. Smart pacemakers, defibrillators, blood refrigeration units, insulin pumps, CT scanners, and other devices can all be compromised and tampered with, putting not only data, but also lives at risk.

As Dewpoint continues to support National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, checkout our many blogs about increasing your cybersecurity posture or if you are Healthcare provider, click here to learn more about our focus on Healthcare.

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