Recognizing Our Employees Who Make IT Personal

March 2, 2023

Employee Awards

During Dewpoint’s annual kick-off meeting on Monday, February 20th, we recognized the following employees for their contributions during the past year. All the Dewpointers listed below were nominated by their peers to acknowledge their efforts. Congratulations to this year’s nominees and award winners for creating incredible customer experiences and making Dewpoint a cool place to work.

Award Categories, Nominees, and Winners

Team Player Award

In recognition for being a true team player, putting personal goals aside, and working towards a common goal, the award nominees were Chris Palmer, Matthew Riccardo, and Madhumitha Maniam. The winner was Matthew Riccardo for bringing humility to his role, taking ownership when warranted, and giving the team credit when due.

Client Satisfaction/Making IT Personal Award

The Grand Rapids Police Department Team, Vas Malyutin, and Samantha Hieber were submitted for exceeding client expectations and making IT personal. Samantha Hieber won the award based on taking tremendous personal pride in her service, as demonstrated by her client support.

Rookie of the Year Award

Chuck Rountree, Shawn DeMay, and Alex Maynard are all new team members who have demonstrated outstanding performance and dedication within the past year. Chuck Rountree was chosen as the award winner based on his drive, skill, passion, attitude, and ability to connect with clients.

MVP Award

For all of their outstanding contributions to Dewpoint during 2022, Wade Prestonise, Tiffany Cook, and Ed Rowe were nominated. Tiffany Cook was the winner due to her knowledge and mentor-type attitude combined with applying her expertise to ensure the successful completion of projects.

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