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Why Security Training?

Human Error: Cybercrime’s Best Friend

Employees are an essential line of defense against cyberattacks. Phishing is the most common successful attack vector in data breaches, and with advancements in artificial intelligence, phishing, and other social engineering attacks are becoming more challenging to detect.

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Of organizations say users pose the greatest threat to their cyber security

Reduce the burden on your team to administer training and improve your employees’ security threat recognition with Dewpoint and KnowBe4’s end-to-end Security Awareness Training.


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Cybersecurity from the Inside Out

Benefits of Cybersecurity Training

  • Phishing Protection: Empower your employees to recognize and prevent attacks from finding success and causing harm to your business. Your team is your most valuable and critical line of defense against cyber-attacks.
  • Robust Password and Authentication Requirements and Compliance: Compromised accounts are a gold mine for attackers. Train your team to employ strong passwords and use multi-factor authentication to protect against infiltrations. 
  • Physical Security Awareness: Remind your employees to take notice of unauthorized personnel in the office and teach them to recognize signs of bad actors in the workplace.
  • Work From Home Security: Are your employees ensuring their home equipment and networks are updated and secured? Help them be cyber-aware when working from home.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Employee security training is often required to meet regulations and security compliance frameworks. Meet your requirements and strengthen your security posture without burdening your team.

Securing the Digital Fort

There are more bad actors than ever before ready to take advantage of deficiencies in your IT systems to wreak havoc. Our experience shows an over 90% decrease in vulnerabilities over the course of a year. Committing to vulnerability detection and remediation strengthens an organization’s position for coverage and meeting the conditions for a payout in the event of a breach.

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Dewpoint is more than a supplier, they are an extension of our business and ensure a secure, robust and scalable IT environment to handle our strict needs and growth which our customers demand in today’s high-tech business environment.



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