Success with Agile in Digital Transformation

Success with Agile in Digital Transformation

December 5, 2018

Although many organizations have adopted agile as part of their strategy to achieve digital business success, true success in agile arises from organizational commitment to scaling and persistence along with an organizational commitment.  Key challenges facing many organizations include the following:

  • Introducing agile development without first adopting key technical practices from Extreme Programming suffer lower-quality results and unpredictable delivery.
  • Expecting agile success in the first year; real success takes longer. Agile teams take time to learn new ways of working and to acquire technical expertise.
  • Confining agile to niches will be less likely to succeed than those doing most or all of their software development in agile. Delivering complex solutions requires organizational commitment.

Organizations pursuing application development strategies for digital business should:

  • Improve the quality, predictability and speed of delivery by incorporating test-driven development, continuous integration, and automated acceptance testing into Scrum and Kanban.
  • Build the talent required for success by initiating agile with at least a three-year commitment to achieve expertise via continuous improvement.
  • Scale agile by rolling out Scrum and Kanban teams across value streams, then harness the power of multiple teams to deliver a composite release.

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