Tired of Spending Your Budget On Endpoint Hardware?

Tired of Spending Your Budget On Endpoint Hardware?

October 24, 2019

You may have faced budget cuts for consecutive years.  Maybe you want to make some major IT upgrades, but just don’t have enough budget.  Possibly you have a difficult discussion each year about why you need more money to fund IT. 

These are common problems facing IT departments within all company sizes large and small. Does it sound like a position you’ve found yourself in from time to time?  We understand and can help. 

One of the larger expenses for many IT departments is keeping endpoint hardware current enough to be productive.  Users want IT to be more portable than bringing an additional level of complexity since portable hardware can cost more and break easier/faster.  So, what are you to do?

Reduce Users Needs While Increasing Their Portability

This may sound like a utopian world, but this can be your reality.  Companies are switching to a Next-Gen Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment and it delivers on the goal of saving money by reducing the need for top of the line hardware at the endpoint. 

Instead, users can use lower-end hardware to access centralized computing resources and as an IT department, you can achieve increased security, greater control, better employee experience, and lower spending.  Users can even use their own hardware should you decide to adopt a BYOD policy.

All users need to do is enter a simple URL and they can be up and running on your Next-Gen VDI environment from almost any device. The only processing that the endpoint hardware needs to do is display the screen thus the computing resources required are very minimal and can be done from lower-end laptops, desktops, and even tablets and smartphones. 

Additional Savings

While a reduction in the need to purchase new hardware is a big savings, there are additional budget benefits to a Next-Gen VDI environment.  For example, the increased productivity of not only the IT staff but the entire organization as a whole.  A study in 2016 by Cisco revealed that those companies using a BYOD policy can realize savings of $350/year per employee. This comes from an increase in productivity from your employees being able to work better and smarter.

Additionally, you are able to realize savings in other areas of the business such as training.  With improved technology for your employees, they are able to work the way they want leading to less employee turnover and reducing onboarding costs, recruitment costs, training costs and more.  You will be the hero organization-wide.

Now’s the Time

With IT departments making the switch to Next-Gen VDI, now is the time to migrate.  You are able to provide a better experience with reduced long-term costs and greater control over the entire user journey.  You don’t want to be left using old technology as team members flock to high-tech competitors.  We’ve put together a whitepaper outlining all the benefits of making the switch that you can download here

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