Top 10 Benefits of Moving to IT Managed Services

July 13, 2020

Has your organization thought about moving to IT Managed Services, but aren’t sure if it will provide real
value? Are you concerned about increased security threats? Do you have trouble retaining your IT staff? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Dewpoint can help your organization move to managed services and realize immediate benefits. The top 10 benefits most organizations receive are listed

1.      Control IT Spend and Budget – allows you to establish a predictable spend and budget for IT and free up capital by changing from Capital Expenditures to Operating Expenditures.

2.      Reduce Labor Costs – no need to hire and train or retrain IT staff.  Your HR department can focus on recruiting and training employees for your core business.

3.      Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness – permits you to focus on your core business and not worry about IT.

4.      Ensure Qualified Support – a managed service provider has the depth of experience to train and certify their technical staff and easily evaluate if the technician has the experience to deliver the support.

5.      Increase Security and Compliance – using specific industry knowledge and understanding
current security risks, reduces and mitigates the risk to your data and systems.

6.      Greater Availability – allows 24/7/365 monitoring of your environment to identify and resolve critical operational issues.

7.      Understand New Technology – bring experience in conjunction with software and hardware vendor partnerships to quickly understand and apply new technology.

8.      Level the Playing Field – gain support and expertise similar to large companies without the cost structure involved with maintaining a full IT organization.

9.      Join Business and IT Roadmap Planning– ensure your business objectives and IT roadmap match to account for future expansions or changes in your business.

10.  Provide Scalability – as you company goes through changes, you’re easily able to scale your
IT needs up or down.   

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