Top Eight Reasons You Need an IT Infrastructure Assessment

November 11, 2020

Is your infrastructure stable, secure, and reliable to meet every changing demands?  Are you worried about increasing technical debt?  Have you developed and tested a disaster recovery plan?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, your organization would benefit from an IT Infrastructure Assessment.  Below are eight key reasons for an infrastructure assessment to ensure your organization is ready for 2021:

  1. Provide an independent review and evaluation of your current people, process, and technology
  2. Identify infrastructure security weaknesses and recommend fixes before bad actors can exploit
  3. Review end of life hardware for possible replacement with newer, more efficient hardware
  4. Assist with prioritizing your infrastructure investments based on your organization’s goals such as reducing technical debt
  5. Identify training needs based on current competencies and future needs such has automation, hybrid IT skills for managing both cloud and on-premises infrastructure (if applicable) and IT resilience
  6. Review compute infrastructure to support current and post Covid remote work, including server-based computing, virtual desktop infrastructure and desktop as a service technology
  7. Recommend cost optimization efforts to ensure services not being used are turned off
  8. Evaluate DR program alignment, scope and recovery strategy including documentation of key policies, roles, and program processes

Learn how Dewpoint can help you bring business and technology together by conducting an Infrastructure assessment.  Click here to reach out to a consultant today.

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